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Extended service warranty plans provide you with continued coverage after the original manufacturer’s warranty of your car has expired. iDeal Auto Protect offers a wide selection of plans tailored as per your requirements. We maintain great relationships with many repair centers across New Jersey, which means they are inclined to accept our protection plans if you plan to make a claim.


About Subaru

Subaru is an automobile manufacturing subdivision of Japanese conglomerate Subaru Corporation. It is one of the largest automakers in the world, in terms of production. Subaru is renowned for utilizing boxer engine layout in most cars above 1500cc range. The all-wheel drive and boxer engine became standard equipment for smaller and mid-size cars in most international markets by the year 1996. The brand has been popular among core buyers in the western markets. Marketing is specific toward niches focused on those who desire the company’s affordable cars, all-wheel capabilities and drive train engine.

Popular Subaru Models We Cover

While iDeal auto protection plans cover all makes and models from 1999 to present, below is a quick look
at the latest Subaru model that is eligible for coverage

Benefits of Subaru Extended Auto Warranty Plans

Why should you get an extended service warranty for your Subaru car?

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Complete peace of mind

Vehicle repairs may often cost you hundreds of dollars. The more you drive your vehicle, the more you are at risk of repairs and high maintenance costs. With an extended Subaru protection plan, you can save money in the long run.

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Greater cost savings in the future

If you like your vehicle, you will definitely keep it for many years. An extended service warranty provides you with coverage against any repair or maintenance cost that incurs over long term

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Enables long-term ownership

If you like your vehicle, you will definitely keep it for many years. An extended service warranty provides you with coverage against any repair or maintenance cost that incurs over long term

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Increases car resale value

A Subaru vehicle under active vehicle protection plan is a sign of a well-maintained car. This allows you to get good resale value in the market, should you decide to move on

Take Advantage of iDeal Auto Protection
Plans for Subaru Vehicles

Here are some of the advantages of choosing iDeal Auto Protection Plans:

  • Fully customizable protection plans
  • Award-winning customer service team (ASE certified mechanics and 24/7 claim and customer service representatives)
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance for all plans
  • Any ASE certified mechanic of your choice
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Flexible and easy to budget payment plans

At iDeal Auto Protect, we are a team of dedicated personnel who work with you to get the best-extended auto service plans at reasonable rates. Once your vehicle is at a dealership or a repair shop, we take it on from there by liaising directly with the shop.

Subaru on Road

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Cooling System
Electrical System
Drive Axles
Brake System
Steering System
Fuel System
Ignition System
Suspension System
ABS Brakes
Seals & Gaskets
Hi-Tech Electronics
Heating & Air Conditioning
Lock Out
Dead Battery
Out of Gas
24/7 Customer Service

If you have further inquiries about our Subaru vehicle protection plans, do not hesitate to contact us today.
Simply call 888-iDeal-30 / 877-934-9692 or email us at

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