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New vehicle purchases often come with a factory warranty. It is important to note that there will come a time when the original manufacturer’s warranty will expire. This means that car owners will have to shoulder expenses that are incidental to mechanical breakdowns and vehicle problems down the road. At iDeal Auto Protect, we offer vehicle protection plans for many Freightliner models. These extended service warranty plans coverthe costs of repairs outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Our Extended Service Program includes covering expenses incurred for parts procurement, repairs, towing services, and a whole lot more!


About Freightliner

Founded more than 77 years ago, Freightliner has advanced from a historical line of trucks to a future-focused truck manufacturer. Throughout the years, it has evolved to integrate more modern technologies that clients will enjoy. Devoted to creatingstate-of-the-art trucks on the road, every truck from the brand guarantees quality, fuel efficiency, uptime, safety, and connectivity. This ensures that consumers can maximize profitability for their business. Its unparalleled innovations also ensure that truck owners will enjoy a lower cost of ownership in the long run.

Popular Freightliner Models We Cover

While iDeal auto protection plans cover all makes and models from 1999 to present, below is a quick look
at the latest Freightliner model that are eligible for coverage:

Benefits of Freightliner Extended Auto Warranty Plans

Why should you get an extended service warranty for your Freight liner truck?

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Complete peace of mind

The last thing any driver may want is to have a truck that suddenly breaks down, especially when delivering goods to customers. Extended warranty programs will eliminate all the hassles related to these unforeseen problems, covering you in times of need.

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Greater cost savings in the future

Vehicle breakdowns can be stressful, and when they happen, repair costs can quickly add up. With most manufacturer warranty plans expiring two to three years after purchasing the vehicle, the best solution is to get an extended service warranty. It can help cover a significant portion of potential repair costs the day after the manufacturer warranty expires.

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Enables long-term ownership

Buying an extended service warranty means that car owners continue enjoying their vehicles for the long-term. Getting a simple oil change or even a major repair with this program provides ultimate satisfaction on your part.

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Increases car resale value

Vehicles are often well-maintained when they are backed by extended service warranty plans. This means that the vehicle also increases in value, which is beneficial if the car owner plans to sell it in the future.

Take Advantage of iDeal Auto Protection
Plans for Freightliner Vehicles

Here are some of the advantages of choosing iDeal Auto Protection Plans:

  • Fully customizable protection plans
  • Award-winning customer service team (ASE certified mechanics and 24/7 claim and customer service representatives)
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance for all plans
  • Any ASE certified mechanic of your choice
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Flexible and easy to budget payment plans

iDeal Auto Protect knows how important it is to have your Freightliner truck in tip-top shape at all times. With our extended service warranty plans, you can continue driving with complete peace of mind. We also work with repair shops across New Jersey, making sure that your iDeal Auto Protect plans are easily accepted.

Plan For Freighkiner

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24/7 Customer Service

If you have further inquiries about our Freightliner vehicle protection plans, do not hesitate to contact us today.
Simply call 888-iDeal-30 / 877-934-9692 or email us at

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