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As cars age and parts start to wear out, they are likely to need more servicing and/or repairs. Unfortunately, this often coincides with the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. The net result is that motor vehicle owners are often exposed to high repair bills, most of which happen unexpectedly. When you have an auto protection plan from iDeal Auto Protect, you can drive with complete confidence that you don’t have to worry about emergency repair bills. Enjoy driving your Alfa Romeo as we have got your back.


About Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car model that was founded in late 1909. The brand rose out of the Darracq brand of cars that was also from Italy. Noting that Darracq cars were not selling as well as expected, the owner of the car manufacturing company (Giuseppe Merosi) figured that changing the brand name might drive more sales. The first Alfa Romeo was produced in 1910 and the new brand was positioned as producing compact, fast, and sporty vehicles.

Popular Alfa Romeo Models We Cover

While iDeal auto protection plans cover all makes and models from 1999 to present, below is a list of
some of the latest Alfa Romeo models that are eligible for coverage:

Benefits of Alfa Romeo Extended Auto Warranty Plans

Why should you get an extended service warranty for your Alfa Romeo?

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Complete peace of mind

With iDeal Auto Protect’s extended service warranty plans, you know that coverage is available regardless of any eventuality. Next time you see a warning light go on in the dashboard of your Alfa Romeo, you need not panic at all.

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Greater cost savings in the future

Being able to fix your Alfa Romeo any time it breaks downs means that you never have to deal with major repair issues in the future. This, in turn, leads to greater savings as most problems are caught and fixed early on.

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Ideal for long-term ownership

You can enjoy driving your Alfa Romeo for many years thanks to our extended warranty plans. You won’t need to sell your car until you are ready/willing to part with it. Our auto protection plans will help keep your car in tip-top condition.

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Increases car resale value

When you do finally decide to part ways with your Alfa Romeo, you will love the fact that buyers will be drawn to it. This is because it will be well-maintained and the vehicle protection plan increases the likelihood of securing an above average resale value.

Take Advantage of iDeal Auto Protection
Plans for Alfa Romeo Vehicles

Here are some of the advantages of choosing iDeal Auto Protection Plans:

  • Fully customizable protection plans
  • Award-winning customer service team (ASE certified mechanics and 24/7 claim and customer service representatives)
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance for all plans
  • Any ASE certified mechanic of your choice
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Flexible and easy to budget payment plans

Worried about paying out of pocket expenses for the repair and maintenance of your Alfa Romeo? iDeal Auto Protect will develop a customized plan that is just right for you. You can add and remove elements of the vehicle protection plan according to your specific needs. You can even transfer it to the car’s new owner if you decide to sell your car. Other auto protection plans don’t get more flexible than this.


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24/7 Customer Service

If you have further inquiries about our Alfa Romeo vehicle protection plans, do not hesitate to contact us today.
Simply call 888-iDeal-30 / 877-934-9692 or email us at

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